Award Winners Information

The Committee has decided to display members award winning images on our website as a means of publicising the standard of work the club members produce.

The process that the committee has decided to adopt for displaying selected images on the website is the following:

  • Any image scoring 9 or more points in the Annual Multi-round Competitionpoints based for either Colour & Mono Prints or PDIs will be eligible to be submitted for inclusion on the website. However, members can reserve the right to opt out if they so wish.
  • Any image achieving a top-3 placing in the Critique section will be eligible to be submitted for inclusion on the website.
  • Also, a selection of images from the Exhibition Competitions, Chatham Challenge and Set Subject Competition will be displayed, and images from any other non ranking competition or organized outings may also be displayed, at the discretion of the Selection Committee.

Should a member gain an RPS or PAGB award, then they will be asked for permission to display their winning panel on the website, but this is at the individual members discretion

It is intended to display at least one image from every member, therefore not limiting selection to just those gaining awards, as a means of showcasing the widest possible spread of work

Images may be displayed for a maximum of 2 years

Images will bear the title of the image along with the member’s name. Should you not wish your name to be displayed, please inform the Wemaster of your wishes.

Each website page displaying images will bear the following text: All image rights are reserved & are the property of the individual photographer

Images from non points based competitions that have been placed or have been highly commended will be suitably described

Participating members will be required to provide appropriately processed digital files of eligible prints via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within two weeks of a competition taking place.

Images for prints will be at a maximum resolution of 72dpi and a maximum size of 600 x 600 pixels, in the sRGB colour space and saved as JPEG’s. The file will be titled in the normal manner e.g. A Sunny Day_Joe Bloggs.jpg .The file name will become the published title. You may add a watermark if you wish.

Images for PDI will be submitted by the photo entry system using the rules set by the photographer when the image was uploaded for competition.

Any member unable to provide files in the required format should approach the Committee, or a person nominated by the Committee, for advice and assistance


Images are displayed using the club flickr site and the rules regarding public access to these are the current flickr rules.