Reigate Photographic Society Constitution 

1. The Society shall be called the Reigate Photographic Society.

2. The aims of the Society are to promote and encourage photographic knowledge and practice.

3. The Society will:

a. Organise, promote and provide an annual programme of photographic activities and events.
b. Liaise with other local, regional and national photographic organisations and related societies.

4. Membership: is open to any person, without nomination, interested in promoting and encouraging photographic knowledge and practice.

5. A Member is any person who has paid an annual subscription.

Full and Young Members are entitled to participate in all the activities of the Society, including internal and external competitions, and vote at General Meetings.

Full Member: pays the full annual subscription
Young Member: any person under the age of 25 years not in full time employment paying a reduced subscription. Under 16s to be accompanied by a parent/carer.
Life Member: a Full Member not required to pay subscriptions

6. Subscriptions:
Upon acceptance for Membership a subscription is payable

a. Membership subscriptions shall become payable at the first meeting of the Season. The Season runs from 1st September to 31st August.
b. Subscription rates shall be determined at the Society’s Annual General Meeting and reviewed annually.

7. The Committee:

a. Shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Society after nomination on a form provided by the Secretary 21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
b. Shall consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Programme Secretary, Competition Secretary, Exhibition Secretary, Publicity Secretary and 2 other Members.
c. The office of Chair shall not be held for more than three years in succession.
d. All other Members of the Committee shall stand for re-election each year.
e. 50% of Members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.
f. May elect holders of honorary positions for a limited period. Any holder of these positions may be re-elected but not vote in committee.

8. Duties of the Committee:

a. To manage the affairs of the Society.
b. To accept or terminate Membership. Membership may be terminated for non-payment of subscriptions, gross misconduct, or bringing the Society into disrepute.
c. To review and determine categories and benefits of Membership annually.
d. To review and amend annually, as necessary, the rules of the Society.
e. To organise a programme of activities and events in accordance with the aims of the Society.
f. To take responsibility for control and maintenance of equipment and for security of equipment.
g. To authorise the Treasurer to pay ad hoc expenses.
h. To deal with any matters affecting the Society not provided for in this constitution.

The Committee may:
a. Co-opt Members to fill committee vacancies arising during the Season.
b. Invite an adviser to work with the Committee for such time as may be considered appropriate.

9. Duties of Officers of the Society

The spokesperson for the Society.
Conducts General Meetings and Committee meetings.

Deputises for the Chair.

Manages the Society’s finances within budget and on terms agreed from time to time by the Committee.
Receives subscriptions.
Maintains accurate records of existing Members.
Receives all other monies due to the Society and arranges for payments on the Society’s behalf.
Produces a Statement of Accounts including a Balance Sheet and an Income and Expenditure Account at the end of the Financial Year to 31st March.
Arranges for the accounts to be examined.

Ensures that minutes of General and Committee meetings are taken.
Conducts correspondence.
Holds official records of the Society.

Programme Secretary
Administers the Season’s programme.
Organises a programme for the next Season.
Submits reports from time to time.

Competition Secretary
Organises competitions for the Society.
Ensures that records are kept and published of Members’ entries and awards in all classes.
The Competition Secretary may have an Assistant Secretary.

Exhibition Secretary
Arranges an Annual Exhibition, and such other Exhibitions as from time to time be determined, of Members’ work.

Publicity Secretary
Ensures the activities of the Society are given wide and proper publicity.

Other Committee Members
Work in consultation with the Committee.

The Committee may appoint from the Membership of the Society the following Sub-Committees:-

Selection Committee - Competitions
The Competition Secretary, together with a team of up to four Members, to select images for entry in external competitions.

Selection Committee – Exhibitions
The Exhibition Secretary, together with up to 4 Members, to prepare the annual exhibition on behalf of the Society.
Selection of images for inclusion is by competition.
The Exhibition Committee will exercise their discretion over arrangement and number of images that can be displayed.
The Exhibition Committee will ensure that the winning images together with a representative selection of Members’ work will be displayed.

Selection Committee – Panels
A team of up to five experienced photographers to classify the work of Members applying for classification or re-classification.

10. General Meetings

a) An Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than 30th June in each Season of the Society.
b) Nominations to the Committee and any Proposals for consideration shall be in the hands of the Secretary 21 days prior to General Meetings.
c) The Annual General Meeting shall elect the Society’s Committee, decide on subscription rates for the Season and consider any proposals submitted in advance.
d) The new Committee will take over their duties immediately after the Annual General Meeting.
e) Extraordinary General Meetings may be convened by the Committee or at the written request of ten voting Members.
f) Extraordinary General Meetings shall not consider any matter other than that set out as the objects of that General Meeting.
g) The objects of an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be in the hands of the Secretary 21 days prior to that meeting.
h) The agendas shall be circulated to all voting Members 7 days before a General Meeting.
i) A quorum at a General Meeting shall be 25% of the voting Membership.
j) Voting will be by simple majority of Members present, except in the case of changes to this constitution or the winding up of the Society when a two-thirds vote shall be required. In the event of a tie the Chair shall have a casting vote.

11. Winding Up

In the event of the Society being wound up, its assets shall be transferred to the Surrey Photographic Association, or other charitable organisation, as decided by the final meeting.

Signed: Chair Don Morley Hon Treasurer Angela Vickers

Date: 19 May 2008

amended to change young person description 22/6/16 Jill Flower

amended to remove associate membership 13/8/18 Stephen Hewes