Creative PDI images  4/3/19 

This evening in the programme is designed as a fun evening where everyone can show their take on a given set of images. Sarah has supplied 5 images and they have been put here for you to work with do what you like with them!



How it works:

  • 5 digital images will be supplied 
  • you download these images 
  • you can then work on any of these base images to create new images
  • there are no rules as to what you can do but each picture should start with one or more of the supplied images
  • it is acceptable to add other elements such as art work, backgrounds etc
  • you can submit up to 6 images for projection.
  • submit using the usual online photo entry system

The images are shown on this page and can be saved to your computer by right clicking the image and using the save as option but if you prefer I have put a link to a Drop Box folder containing the same images below.





 Dropbox link for high resolution images