How to submit PDI entries


The Society uses the web-based ‘Photoentry’ system for managing the submission of PDI images for all internal competitions and collection of PDIs for other purposes. 

The  link to the information page of the system can be found here:

Members will then receive an email with log on details to enable them to submit entries. This is the link to the login page  

This link will allow you to log in but members need to have previously responded to the invitation to join email and changed the password.  The system uses members’ email addresses as provided to the Membership Secretary.  

Jill Flower implemented the system, and Irek Burakowski and Peter Welch are both administrators so please refer any queries to one of them.

Message from 11/9/18: 

 I have changed the competitions to use 1600 by 1200 resolution and this is what it will resize to if you enter a larger file. I notice a few people have already entered work for this season, and this will have been resized to the previous standard which will be fine if you leave it but a bit smaller. You may want to delete these and reload at the larger size but if you do not it will still work.