Dateline 20 December 2014 



Chatham Challenge Award Event (Jill Flower) and Christmas Social – 15 December 2014

Peter Flower

In view of my involvement with the process of collating all the photographs for my wife's judging, and ensuring complete secrecy of the identity of the entrants, I thought it best to ask for someone completely independent to do the report. I initially asked Les Dyson, but he said that he was too busy. Fortunately, he suggested that the Lego person who had taken him and Linda on this tour of the London markets would be ideal. He would bring a fresh vision to the events of that day. Having read his report I have to agree that Urban Spaceman was the ideal choice. It certainly brought back happy memories of a very enjoyable day out.

The announcement of results for this event combines generally relaxed judging and light-hearted banter from the audience with a degree of tension as the scores are revealed at stages during the 12 rounds. The interest was added to this year by the fact that the 15 contestants were accompanied by an even greater number of adventurous Lego people.

The report that follows captures the spirit of the day out and Jill's announcement of results on this evening.

For the benefit of members the identities of the competitors, matching letters to names, is given after the report, together with a detailed score sheet.


Lego Chatham Challenge 2014

Report by Les Dyson's Urban Spaceman

When Peter asked me to write this I was quite surprised. Well, I am only a piece of Lego, and I hadn’t been out of the house for over thirty years. But Peter was sure that I was up to the job.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Urban Spaceman. Yes the Urban Spaceman in the cup of coffee. Don’t ask how it happened, one minute I am balancing on the rim of a paper cup, the next I am inches under in a Pret latte. And he just takes pictures!!!

Well you can see from this photo that his wife did rescue me and used a napkin to dry me off. Thank you, Linda.

You see this Chatham Challenge had been arranged as a Lego away-day by Jill and we all had to bring a friend along with a camera. Then we were supposed to walk round Columbia Road flower market, on down Brick Lane and on to Spitalfields Market. Well, Jill judged all these images and was presenting the results. She did a very good job by the look of it and rattled through each of twelve categories taken by fifteen people with cameras. (I have just been told the correct word is photographer, but I think person with the camera will suffice!)

The first round was about a scene in a street. There was a lot of interest about a man with his finger up his nose and the back end of a dog….. No, his finger was nowhere near the dog. Different pictures.

Photos by 01C and 01F


But that gives a fair understanding of the evening. I’m saying all this about these photographs and I have no idea who took them. Everybody could have been in the cast of a Bond film and just referred to by a letter. There was B, and C, and as I said, fifteen in all ending in Q, S, and V. Pictures in this round that Jill gave 10 marks to included somebody having a haircut!!!

Photo by 01H


I expect this was taken by someone who hasn’t got any hair and should have been in the Nostalgia section. Then P, who must be a tall bloke and had a wide angled high view of the street, and S had a lone guitar player. If you remember, these are pictures Jill liked, but as a piece of Lego I liked the pop group ‘3 Directions’, and the one with Woody on.

Photos by 01P, 01S, 01E and 01M


The second round was about food. Not coffee. Jill liked C’s picture of somebody outside and somebody inside looking the same way, and S’s picture of two bowls that had foreign buns stuffed with chicken and pork. As nice as those pictures were, from my point of view the three Lego men looking at some very suspect meat was again in the away-day spirit bringing Lego to the fore.

Photos by 02C, 02S and 02M


Round three was all about detail. Jill liked a rose, a box of peppers, and a lock. I do not know what she was on either. The pictures were very nice, by C, K, and S. Have you noticed but S has scored maximum points so far. I imagine he’s planning where next year’s Challenge is going to be. Yet poor M has another mate of mine ignored.

Photos by 03C, 03K and 03S


The fourth round, I know Jill needed help with this. This was Lego people enjoying themselves. Now I know when a Lego person is having a good time. But as I wasn’t asked, Jill had to make her own decisions. And well….you saw the results. She tried hard and gave it her best shot. She liked B, sitting on a car, and one of my mates sitting on a suitcase by K, while V had the Simpsons on. She thought that L was great, apart from the surplus of bluetack! There was a lot of sniggering at the Barbies with their friend, and then another of my astronaut mates was ignored. Remember Major Tom, ‘Ground Control to Major Tom’. He was the first astronaut to clear rubbish off the moon. ‘One small sweep for man, one bag of recycling for mankind’, it was in all the papers. Regrettably, my dozy man with the camera missed off the brush head, so he missed the point!

Photos by 04B, 04K, 04V, 04L 04C and 04H


A Lego person doing something adventurous, that was round five. Well I am nearly forty and as a piece of plastic that makes me a senior. So I’ll decide what is adventurous. Which brings me back to falling in the coffee and being dried off on a napkin. Jill liked these adventurous types. She gave five 10s to C, F, G, J, and V. We had characters up in the graffiti, sitting on a crane hook, on a graffiti see-saw, tasering a warthog, and skate boarding down an ice-cream. Now, in my opinion you are all mad and I am glad I was not your toy.

 Photos by 05C, 05F, 05G, 05J and 05V


The next round was to photograph something timeless. Well V found two watches with no hands and a convenient label indicating they were ‘timeless’. V has now had three 10s in a row and is making a strong challenge against the two leaders, C and S.

Photo by 06V


The round seven subject was the Market in Acton. No sorry, that should have been the Market in Action. Jill awarded two 10s. One to K and one to S. Both had people making a sale.

Photos by 07K and 07S


Graffiti was all over the place, and that was round eight’s subject. H had a large rodent covering a wall and ‘Art is trash’ written on the yellow lines on the road and was awarded a 10 along with a very large dramatic face from J looking at you and receiving another 10.

Photos by 08H and 08J


In round nine the subject was shop windows. Jill gave a 10 to B for an Alice in Wonderland themed display. Jill told us at Mission Control the rest of you were rubbish! (Anyone who has ever played with Lego will know you make things up).

Photo by 09B


Round ten was called Reflected. Another five 10s from Jill. You can tell she’s getting tired. F, J, K, Q and V all were awarded a 10. F had the reflection in a hat which puzzled the group, whilst others had windows and sunglasses with interesting reflections to reflect upon. C has now gone into a single point lead over three other competitors. It could go any way. Four people sitting there wondering if they can go home tonight and admit to their families and friends that they failed and won, and have to organise this next year.

Photos by 10F, 10J, 10K, 10Q and 10V


Architecture and Interior was the title of the subject for round eleven. C, G, H, and J all received a 10. C had a monochrome and textured shot of Brick Lane, G contrasted brick with glass towering above. While H had gone mad again, and J had columns and arches reaching above us.

Photos by 11C, 11G, 11H and 11J


The next round, round 12, is the last and we can get at the mince pies. Jill was hanging in there and gave B, C, and D straight 10s. Respectively their images were of an old record player playing a 78, a person playing with a saxophone (I’m surprised they are allowed to do that), and four typewriter keys spelling ‘T-Y-P-E’. These were all in black and white as the subject for round 12 had been any subject you like in Monochrome.

Photos by 12B, 12C and 12D


The results. In third place with a total of 109 marks…..Grahame Singleton.

In second place, with 110 marks…….Carol Hicks

And in first place receiving the glass Chatham Challenge Trophy from Jill, and having scored 112 points, and with the added honour of organising this competition for the next Season….Jose Vazquez

Jose Vazquez receiving the trophy from Jill Flower     Photo by Peter Flower


So I get nothing for writing this? I might not want a mince pie or a sausage roll, I certainly don’t want a coffee. I could have drowned, and she only gave him a nine for immersing his daughter’s Urban Spaceman.

(Thanks to Jill and everybody who took part for giving me all this material to write about – Les)


 Contestants in the Chatham Challenge

B - Colin Hodsdon       C - Jose Vazquez     D - Steve Lawrenson   E - Debbie Amphlett   F - Angela Vickers

G - Clare Taylor          H - Les Dyson         J - Carol Hicks             K - Stephen Hewes    L - John Fisher

M - Mike Weekes        P - Peter Flower      Q - Lester Hicks           S - Grahame Singleton   V - Mark Thomas


Score Sheet



Reigate PS Members donate tripods to Woodfield School

Jill Flower

While working with an after school group doing photography I became aware the Young People really responded well to using tripods. In fact James, who won the junior group in our young photographer competition, would ask me the minute I arrived if he could take a camera outside on a stand! It only took one email to you all and I had offers of 2 tripods and one to follow after Xmas. Many thanks are due to John G, Les  and Modesto for offering tripods. 

I collected these on Monday and delivered them to the school as a present from Reigate Photographic Society on Tuesday. James is pictured here receiving them. He was very excited as he is the one who was going to film the school play on Wednesday, in the past it has been very wobbly! 

They will also be using the tripods to shoot animations, the teacher has been taping a compact camera to an easel until now.

They will definitely be put to good use. Thank You!


 Jill Flower presenting the tripods to James at Woodlands School

Photograph by Peter Flower





We wish all of you a Happy Xmas and New Year

Jill and Peter